Gum Surgery

Periodontal surgery may be needed to treat gum disease and gum conditions. This type of surgery is known as gum surgery.

In gum surgery may be caused by
1. Damage regrowing bone & tissues.
2. Any tissue, any bacteria, and infection elimination.
3. Any accidental issue.

Gingivitis and Periodontal disease required surgical treatment.


● Gingivitis: A disease that can cause redness swelling and bleeding giving with offers due to poor oral health
Periodontics: Occur in the advanced stage after gingivitis which affects the bone and underlying tissues. When gum begins to separate from teeth then there is a chance to lead bacteria and create infection

Surgical procedure: Before any dental surgery a dental surgeon might give deep cleaning for teeth and gum to remove tartar and bacteria from teeth and gum. There are three types of surgery for Gum Surgery
1. Flap Surgery: Basically for those people who have tartar deposits in deep pockets.
2. Bone Grafting: This surgery helpful for those people whose root of the tooth is damaged
3. Guided tissue regeneration: In this procedure a small piece of maths-like material placed between Bone and gum tissue.

Other treatments 

● Laser therapy used to reduce the size of packets and restore damaged tissue
● Tissue stimulating

Preparation for gum Surgery
1. Patients should not hide any disease from their dental surgeon.
2. If have any types of pregnancy and heart disease share with your dentist.
3. Discuss the risk and benefit with your dentist.
Gum surgery is an approximate 2 to 3 hours process. Normally, patients should take care of stitches and as prescribed by the doctor. The dentist will remove the stitches 7 to 10 days after surger

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