How to keep plaque away from Teeth Expert’s Opinion

How to keep plaque away from Teeth || How to remove plaque from Teeth || Best Dentist Haryana Opinion

What is Plaque!!! how to keep plaque away from Teeth

we often hear this word from our dentist but do we actually know what it is and how to keep away plaque away from Teeth ?

A sticky biofilm made up of thousands of bacteria occurring naturally called Plaque.

Whenever we eat food rich in sugar or carbohydrate content, these bacteria feed on them and produce an acidic by-product that harms our tooth enamel and forms cavities

Expert Opinion How to keep plaquExpert Opinion How to keep plaque away from Teethe away from Teeth

According to Dr. Sachin Mittal, to keep the mouth free from these naturally occurring bacteria and to prevent cavities, one should follow some basic tips:

1. Proper Brushing: Brush twice a day, and if it is possible for you to brush, do it after every meal.

2. Need Flossing– Do floss once a day to remove particles of food and plaque from beyond the teeth.

3. Is Fluoride-rich Mouthwash good or Bad: Add a good mouthwash to your oral health care kit as fluoride will reduce the number of bacteria and keep the enamel safe.

4. Why Chew Gum: Chewing is good for the oral cavity. Chew sugarless gum after every meal to stimulate saliva production which in turn helps in neutralizing the acidic effect.

5. What we avoid: If you are suffering from plaque, you should avoid taking sugary and starchy items.

keep plaque away from Teeth

6. Stop Tobacco: Smoking and Tobacco are bad for teeth. Avoid them.

7. Visit your dentist: If plaque is not getting removed through the above methods, then you should consult your dentist. Cleaning by a professional dentist will help you to get rid of plaque.

Most of your plaque prevention can be done in your everyday routine. Still, it’s important to visit your dentist twice a year, too.

“No matter how you are trying to keep your teeth clean at home, there are some areas in our mouth that are difficult to reach and clean properly, like under the gums or behind the second molars.

Besides cleaning the spots you would possibly have missed, your dentist can check your tooth techniques and catch any issues easily before they become bigger problems.

Keeping take care of your oral health can ensure your smile will stay bright for the end of the day

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